You just need to Nonok Beach

You just need to Nonok Beach

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Experience Nonok Beach in Romblon

If you happen to be following my blog, you\’ve probably heard me say before that you have gems placed away from more famous touristy places. This really is true in Romblon like any other vacation spot. With commercial development kept at a conservative pace to prevent encroaching in to the natural splendor in the province, there are numerous beautiful places here that doesn\’t many even knew existed.

We had a chance to spare while in the province\’s capital before anticipating the ferry to San Agustin, our next stop. While there, we regarded see the beaches. We first traveled to Bon Bon beach, which we discovered to be really pretty! It turned out a public beach, hence there was no entrance fee. It didn\’t have any amenities, however, and also since we did not really desire to require a dip before starting off for the following destination, we shifted.

Kids enjoying at the beach

That\’s when you found Nonok beach. A cursory Online search are not going to yield a whole lot information regarding this, as well as its location. It happens to be overshadowed via the nearby Tiamban Beach, which happens to be indeed beautiful. But for the moment, we found Nonok beach really our group needs.

A Leisurely Time

Nonok Beach in Romblon

Nonok beach is a private beach, by using a measly entrance fee of Php 50 (around USD 1). Achievable amount, you may enjoy its beauty, plus amenities! We met Mr. Francisco Benedicto, the proprietor from the beach. He explained that this beach is commonly pretty complete weekends. But since we came there with a Thursday, we were treated to the fine pristine sand and the dazzling waters all to ourselves!

Clear Waters of Nonok

One with the attributes of Nonok that you may simply head to it anytime as a result of it being accessible from the main roads. That\’s unlike other beaches available, like say, Cobrador Island. It is then the most perfect weekday destination for groups who\’re merely wanting for your relaxing destination for a spend a little while or evening. It\’s only to bad this time that any of us can\’t go for a swim at that time, nevertheless the waters were really inviting! It turned out all we were able to do today simply walk along the coast and admire natural fantastic thing about this corner of Romblon.

Overlooking the beach area

All you need

But the important draw on the beach is its complete number of amenities, if you need to have other pursuits. Nonok has cabins, huts, and everything that you need for just a great stay! Mr. Benedicto is happy with the truth that Nonok is not going to just offer rooms, what\’s more, it is designed with a sala plus a kitchen (you may bring your own private food and equipment such as a grill). And rental starts at only Php 1,500 (around USD 30), suitable for 2 different people.

Beach in Romblon

There are three rooms for rent, every one of them air-conditioned. The second-floor room is a biggest, together with the aforementioned kitchen and lounge room. The bathrooms are pretty basic (squarely while in the budget), although the windows have a great check out the ocean! For everyone looking for a rustic feel, there\’s the \”Tree House\” that is rented for Php 1,000 (around USD 20). This is a fan room, however it incorporates a seaside balcony that\’s a fantastic vista!

Air Conditioned Rooms at Nonok
Rooms at Nonok Beach

Aside from these, there are also three comfort rooms and a lot of chairs and tables outside. There\’s even a dive shop behind the beach! For those who genuinely want to experience the sea breeze, you will find a white walkway taking you for the middle of the water. The top has rails that make it sense that when from that famous Titanic scene! And if you should dive on the water, may slide which leads into the shimmering blue.

Nipa Hut
Enjoying the view

For this afternoon, Nonok was indeed the only thing that we needed. Sure, it is not as dazzling as first-rate beach resorts, but whose dream is that fancy stuff when you just need to the tranquility of nature?

Nonok Beach Resort
Address: Sawang – Sablayan Rd, Romblon
Contact Person: Francisco Benedicto
Contact No:? 09218923131

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