Trails: Surviving Mount Gulugod Baboy inside the rainy season

Trails: Surviving Mount Gulugod Baboy inside the rainy season

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Near the Summit

Surviving Mount Gulugod Baboy

I do not have the foggiest idea why they refer to it \”Gulugod Baboy\” because it\’s nowhere near a pig\’s spine therefore i went ahead to touch base with some local folks. I was told that it had become called Mt. Banderahan, where the Japanese soldiers raised their flag through the Japanese occupation of Anilao earlier. You climb, eat, rest and take those non-negotiable, profile pic-worthy selfies all in muddy wetness!

Here are 4 tips when climbing Mount Gulugod Baboy in harsh rainy conditions:

What to utilize:

Your first kind of defense is clothing. Light-weight waterproof jacket, trek shoes good traction and also a raincoat are definitely the bare essentials. Anything less is suicide. A skinny raincoat is merely P30 for the most part supermarkets. You will select bulkier rain suit which, ranges from P300 unbranded P800 for just a Coleman brand.

All set!
All wet and still all smiles at the summit!

Waterproof everything:

Put your gadgets and wallet within a handy waterproof bag. Whatever else are usually in plastic bags and be sure to get spares. Also line the inside of your bag in mother plastic and start using a rain cover.


Be it anyone or perhaps an information list, they are available in handy in worst case scenarios. A shout to our guides from Trail Adventours Pao and Don have been absolutely helpful and maintained the gang like VIP.

Near the Summit
From the summit to the sea, we braved the winds and rain.

Trekking Pole:

The descent from your summit puts a lot of strain on your legs. Without one, there\’s a store close to the jump off where you can rent one. They\’ve created refreshing coconut juice and \’palitaw\’ so yes, bring some dough with you.

Surviving Mount Gulugod Baboy

From the jump-off marker- Sitio Malagaclac for the summit and back, the scene continues to be spectacular. Despite inclement weather, the climb remained a good time. I hope you give it a go soon too. See you over the trails!

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