To Summit or you cannot to Summit – A Mt. Pulag Story

To Summit or you cannot to Summit – A Mt. Pulag Story

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You, me and SmartBro Pocket Wifi. #Yolo

To Summit or otherwise not to Summit – A Mt. Pulag Story

My last major hike for 2016 was a student in Mt. Pulag in Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya. I\’m hiking this period with my sister-from-another-mother, Vanessa. I used to be very excited but a little bit anxious as it\’s her starting hike and we\’ve heard could possibly storm looming. We\’ve prepared many techniques from the itinerary, rain gear and medical certificates.

On our way by Shane Tiongco

We travelled with TrailAdventours and now we know we\’re in good hands. Sans the heavy traffic seeing the Victory Liner terminal in Pasay everything was going well without a doubt. Our itinerary was packed. Here\’s the actual way it transpired:

From Manila by van, we come to Baguio then transferred to a chartered jeepney intending to Bokod.

We experienced a quick breakfast at Pinkan Jo Eatery then headed for the Ambuklao Dam. The vista there\’s still beautiful as always!

Pristine even in inclement weather
Hi from the sunny Ambuklao dam!

We then went along to Jang Jang Hanging Bridge, and Daclan (Badekbek) Sulfur Springs.

Jang Jang Hanging Bridge
Daclan (Badekbek) Sulfur Springs

After our side trips, we stayed at Mt. Pulag Summit View Baban\’s Homestay. Ms. Odel Baban (09483577154) is a gracious host for accommodating we from the meals, towards rooms plus the domestic hot water baths.? Could possibly fireplace there which was our absolute favorite area to hangout.

All smiles with Ms. Odel - Shane Tiongco

Come nightfall, the rain used to be pouring. I used to be just thankful we weren\’t roughing it in the tent at the Ranger station. With 10 degrees C with the home stay, our greatest option were to receive a good night\’s sleep in the end worry tomorrow when the terrain enables us to hike Mt. Pulag.

Morning break by Shane Tiongco

We\’ve been subject to with all the hike, divided they into 3: charge pack, the mid and also the sweeper. This is able to assistance in keeping a clear pace for the whole group and we\’d be capable of help the other person out while we brave the trails.

After a couple of trekking, i was able to uncover to the Grasslands. Alas, our mid and sweeper teams bit the bullet and accepted which they won\’t get to the summit anymore. Our teammate Rovi eloquently puts it:

Our Pulag Story photo by Rovi Ann Velasquez

\’To trudge our way up to Mt. Pulag summit or head back to Camp 2? This could be one of the toughest decisions any seasoned mountaineer or leisure hiker could ever make. All things considered the body aches, shivering and detached soles, a handful of my teammates and that i experienced the painstaking decision of heading returning to camp as cold winds and rain battered our hopes in conquering Luzon\’s highest peak\’ – Rovi Velasquez (SmartBroTrips winner)

Amidst the billowing winds, downpour that slaps your mind, icy chills and incessant slips on the muddy path — average folks endured making it to your summit.

A sea of clouds was out of the question, we were in it.
You, me and SmartBro Pocket Wifi. #Yolo Our Pulag Story

I\’m pleased to declare that I\’m always together with the best company whenever i hike. Cheers to the team and dream to view you to the trails come rain or shine C summit this is!

last weekends adventure

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Have you gone to the peak of Mt. Pulag? What’s your Mt. Pulag Story? Choose to share?

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