Romblon: How Cobrador Island promotes Ecotourism

Romblon: How Cobrador Island promotes Ecotourism

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Cobrador Island promotes Ecotourism

The Cobrador Island, Romblon has just recently acquired in 2016 a Hybrid Solar-Diesel System, that provides the electrical energy with the whole island. But even before this, this island continues to be shedding light on its tourist, locals and marine life.

In this information, I\’d like to share how Cobrador Island, additionally, the whole province of Romblon also, protect the marine ecosystem, provide livelihood for the people and offer its tourists lovely beach vacation. Let\’s dive in:

Plastic Library

1. Plastic Library

The Plastic Library Project is often a joint project of local communities in Romblon and volunteers so as to promote book reading to schoolchildren also to promote waste management awareness. This project was proposed and led by Emm Balatbat and her partner, Matt. Besides accepting book donations, the concept of the project is by using plastic containers, with non-bio degradable materials inside, as the bricks inside the library. The wall framing from the library is cemented making sure that the dwelling it is always sturdy.

In 2014, Plastic Library Project was applied via the town with their campaign to be able to encourage its locals together with tourist to learn proper waste management. The project in Cobrador was successfully completed on 26 May 2017.

2. Waste Segregation System

With the goal of decreasing the number of wastes thrown into sanitary landfill, a nearby government of Romblon strictly implements waste management system. This is in compliance using the Solid Waste Management Act (Republic Act 9003).

Waste Segregation System

In their waste segregation system, they schedule garbage collection determined by their classification. Garbage consists of recyclable materials is collected every Monday. Biodegradable materials that can be for organic fertilizers are collected every Wednesday and Saturday. Special Waste, like diapers, sanitary napkin, fluorescent lights, etc., are collected every Friday.

3. \’No Plastic\’ Community

Cobrador Island matches the Municipal Ordinance No. 18-2012 and Provincial Ordinance No. 03-s.2011 strictly mandated by way of the municipality of Romblon. The Municipal Ordinance No. 18-2012 corresponds to the limitation beneficial of plastic bags as packaging material. Provincial Ordinance No. 03-s. 2011 is usually a mandate that bans the effective use of plastic bags on dry goods in addition to the by using Styrofoam or styrophor.

Waste Segregation System

The locals and business establishments really should use eco bags, biodegradable Styrofoam and various reusable materials they are able to use as an alternative to plastic bags and styrofoam.

4. Lots of sacks for trash

Cobrador Island, over the barangay officials, educates the locals and business establishments of a good waste management. Whenever they never abide by the ordinance, they can be essential to pay fine. They\’ve created sure the garbages are segregated as outlined by their classification. Like I\’ve mentioned earlier, they classify them into three types, special wastes, biodegradable materials and recyclable materials. In terms of recyclable materials, they carry these to their Barangay’s Materials Recovery Facility. That\’s the place where they separate the garbage made of paper, glasses, plastics and organic.

They use rice sacks as trash bags. For easier segregation and collection, you can view a great deal of those per one establishment.

5. Marine Exploration/ Science and research

Cobrador has lots of interesting and colorful diving sites. Takot Reef Sanctuary is probably the most visited fish sanctuaries in Cobrador. There you can get different marine species and coral formation.

Efforts are created from the local sector and private sectors like and KAPAMILYA, Inc., Sentro para sa Ikauunlad ng Agham at Teknolohiya, Inc. (SIKAT) to be able to understand and protect the marine ecosystem in Romblon including in Brgy. Cobrador. Exploitation of marine species in designated fishing sanctuaries in Romblon is strictly prohibited. Violation in this mandate results in an imposition of wonderful or imprisonment.

6. Women organization doing small businesses

Women of Romblon, including, naturally, of Cobrador, are actively needed for making handicrafts, finishing marble products, processing meat, fish, fruits and various Romblon products. These permit the women to earn extra cash because of their families.

To ensure quality and success of their small businesses, the local government and Department operate and Employment DOLE) hold seminars and education for the rural women. One of many associations that this DOLE directly supports is a Progressive Women\’s League of Romblon (PWLR). This association props up the rural women in Romblon in upholding their rights, strengthening themselves ties and also generating income.

7. Farming could be the main industry

Aside from seafood, the Cobrador Island, as well as the whole Province of Romblon, offers that you\’ number of agricultural produce this includes coconut, rice, corn, bananas, kamote (root crop), mongo, peanut, and other vegetables and fruit.

Cobrador Island Agricultural Products

8. Hawkbill Sea Turtles

If you get lucky while diving in nowhere waters of Cobrador, you are able to locate Hawkbill Sea Turtle. Their designated nesting site confirmed because of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau-Pawikan Conservation Project (PAWB-PCP) is positioned at Sitio Agbaliga in Agpanabat, Romblon.

Hawkbill Sea Turtles

Hawkbill Sea Turtles are the most critically endangered turtles. Thus, exploitation with this Sea Turtle is very prohibited.

9. Pawikan Conservation

Aside from Hawkbill Sea Turtles, you can also get within this island the Olive Ridley Sea turtle and Green Sea Turtles that can be one of the five endangered turtles you can do within the Philippines. So that you can protect these endangered turtles, the Brgy. Cobrador cooperates with many other communities in Romblon along with the government.

Green Sea Turtle Cobrador Island promotes Ecotourism

In case the fishermen accidentally catch the turtles within a net, they will likely immediately revenues the marine animal at the office of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Odiongan, Romblon.

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