Mogambo Springs Experience: The Spa at Plantation Bay

Mogambo Springs Experience: The Spa at Plantation Bay

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My Mogambo Springs Experience

A snap of an finger, that\’s all it took for folks to teleport from your panoramic lagoon estate into a Japanese-inspired village. Well, certainly not, but close enough.

Entrance to Mogambo Springs

After donning our yukata with this swimwear underneath, we immediately buzzed looking for our in-resort shuttle that could take us to Mogambo Springs, the spa at Plantation Bay (resort info).

Aesthetic detail at Mogambo Springs

We really did not know what they should expect, this we have a complimentary full body massage that people can avail throughout the course of our stay.

Since we planned on doing most of the resort activities following breakfast, we thought we would schedule our spa appointment at approximately five inside afternoon.

Are we in Japan?

Fully exhausted though smiles on our faces, we miraculously arrived half-hour earlier to enjoy a closer to look around the area.

Pagoda as centerpiece of Mogambo Springs

For a second, When i forgot we were at Plantation Bay Resort in Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Tranquil by using a Zen-like atmosphere, it felt almost like i was around the pair of The final Samurai.

Asking our friendly guide, I learned that the nearby brick huts with the towering Pagoda as centerpiece actually served as private massage suites for couples and groups.

Japanese inspired garden

There are also guests that can want to stay one of many rooms at Mogambo Springs to get a more immersive spa experience.

Let\’s Go, Spring Hopping!

Aside from your sprawling greenery, inside spa are three springs as well as a waterfall where guests are allowed to cquire right then and there with their spa appointment.

Leaving our things along at the locker area, then we headed towards first spring. Lukewarm with simply enough heat, it turned out like an appetizer for what is coming up next.

Magnesium salt infused spring for detoxification

Among a few, that it was really the only spring within a roof. At any time it rains, as a minimum you simply won\’t get wet here.

The nearest spring from the locker rooms

After spending a great 15 minutes, we transferred to the second spring which has been shaped like a cloud or perhaps for loss of an even better visual, a bubble gum splattered on the ground.

Sprawling Zen-like Greenery at Mogambo Springs

I cannot think it actually was simple to sweat while bathing. I\’m happy to bet that in case you submerged an egg to put half an hour, you\’ll receive a snack afterwards.

The hottest spring at Mogambo

Wait 60 seconds. Don\’t immerse yourself to the last one as of this time or you\’ll end up shocked using the stop by temperature. Only when it had become allowed, I should\’ve brought some canned soda about this ice-cold magnesium salt infused spring to pair with my supposed \’snack\’ from your previous hot Jacuzzi.

Beside this is the man-made waterfall where we had arrived competent to harness the downward force from the water which we helpful to massage our backs.

Waterfalls at Mogambo Springs

I thought to close my eyes while keeping focused over the water\’s influence on my system to raised appreciate the moment which aligned for the Taoist Ideal, \”To your brain that\’s still the full universe surrenders.\”

Snapping to reality, I looked around and found that our therapists were already anticipating us at the edge of the waterfall. The time had come for your massage.

Mogambo Springs Experience

Checking out of brochure of Mogambo Springs placed into our Lagoon View Room, I spotted that it is not only a spa but in addition a beauty salon due to a number of spa packages you may decide on where they combined massages with face and the entire body treatments.

Reception Area at Mogambo Springs

The the one which separated itself in the rest was clearly the final Mogambo Springs Experience that may take six and a half hours that features a pool massage, body scrub, foot therapy, aromatherapy oil massage, facial therapy of your option, paraffin wax treatment and nail care.

Locker and Changing Rooms at Mogambo Springs

If I knew the complete moment I\’ll meet my soul mates, I reckon that I\’ll take advantage of this package the previous day.

Air-conditioned brick hut massage suites

Anyway, I picked a mixture of Japanese Shiatsu and Swedish full massage which already includes the effective use of aromatherapy oils at a air-conditioned brick huts.

Private Massage Suite with Jacuzzi

Wet in the spring, I used to be then informed by my therapist which i might take a simple shower during the suite plainly so desired, wear a disposable underwear underneath my yukata and let her know when I\’m all set to go.

Sauna which smelled of freshly baked bread

I can\’t help but laugh towards the weird a sense wearing briefs again. I felt like Gardo Versoza within a of his iconic roles in Philippine cinema.

Looking within the suite, the oriental decor got on point which includes a very inviting ambiance.

The music contained relaxing forest sounds and wind instruments. Pay attention to the song Aqueous Transmission by Incubus and you will then determine what Get real.

Japanese Shiatsu and Swedish full body massage

The massage started with an instant foot wash. I became then guided to lie with their face down using the scent of lavender from beneath the bed. For the upcoming hour, I simply surrendered to the moment.

Like a Yin as well as a Yang, the experience was obviously a balance between an energizing in addition to a relaxing massage.

Final Thoughts

Sipping my tea after minutes within the sauna which smelled of freshly baked bread, I will not help but think that Mogambo Springs was by far and away the most effective spa experience I\’ve been on Cebu.

Any other worthy contenders? I\’m open for suggestions.

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