KKD STK + BBQ Cebu: What’s It Love to Eat Inside of a Warehouse

KKD STK + BBQ Cebu: What’s It Love to Eat Inside of a Warehouse

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KKD STK + BBQ: What’s It Like To Eat In A Warehouse

Signing faraway from an uncertain week on the job, picture yourself drinking an ice-cold beer and enjoying a sizzling plate of sisig on a seaview deck, mindfully watching several passenger ships overlook using dreamy lights at sundown just like you take in the fresh sea breeze while your preferred Bruno Mars track is it being played carry on the setting.

What\'s It Like To Eat In A Warehouse

Oh I almost forgot to inform you the first paragraph experience costs less than four dollars.

Creative use of pallets

So what\’s it like to eat in a very warehouse?


Restaurant interiors
Seaview deck


Especially if you eat when the clock strikes noon within the summer wearing a thick leather jacket you got from Baguio, unless the warehouse was created to store ice.

Plaza Independencia and Malacanan

In the truth of Koko Dine STK + BBQ however, the management did the desired measures to come up with a very pleasant dining experience, while using the restaurant to be found from the warm polluted embrace from the crowded metropolitan skyscrapers into the seaside South Road Properties.

Menu at KKD STK + BBQ

Not just that, you simply can\’t deny the belief that this warehouse sure got style.

Turo-turo counter and kitchen

While they\’re probably certain Cebuanos will embrace the sutukil kind of cooking they\’re appealing to areas, they sure also hope to attract foreign tourists scattered among the historical landmarks in the vicinity which feature Malaca?an on the South (the seldom used Cebu residence from the President of the Philippines), Fort San Pedro (the previous Spanish bastion against Moro raiders) and Plaza Independencia (currently the free for many park useful for all purposes imaginable).


Unless you might be local, you\’re probably scratching your face now determining what \’shoot-to-kill\’ means. No, President Duterte\’s campaign against illegal drugs doesn\’t concern this. It\’s basically an abbreviation of Sugba-Tula-Kilaw, three simple types of making food whether you enjoy them grilled, integrated into a soup dish or desire them eaten raw just like a salad or ceviche.

Baked Scallops

What if you prefer them cooked with an increase of cholesterol for example deep-fried, sauted or baked? No trouble. Funny, my first sutukil experience like a kid was in Mactan Island for a food stall named No worries, which became their automatic solution to many of the requests of these English-speaking diners.

Grilled Pork Belly

Can you cook the Lapu-Lapu fish, sweet-and-sour style? No problem. Have you got Coca Cola? No trouble. Could it be alright as we just became popular without the bill? No trouble.

Sure enough, upon entering KKD STK + BBQ, you\’ll immediately notice their turo-turo counter and open kitchen wherein you can choose anything available (provided that it\’s edible) and tell the chef to prepare the dish with love or you might just search through their laminated menu and pick their affordable bestsellers which feature Crispy Pata, Sinuglaw in addition to their very own Chicharon de Cebu.

Signature Chicharon de Cebu
Crispy Pata

When I believe affordable, this means you can treat the whole batch here as soon as the graduation ceremony.

Tinolang Isda

Out of all the so-called dishes we\’re in the position to test, I bet you will not manage to guess my personal favorite: deep-fried to golden perfection, spiced ideal and loaded with the ever elusive ground pork along with fresh ingredients which has a tantalizing aroma for the worth of only sixty pesos, don\’t forget to buy the phenomenal Rellenong Talong. Mending, you do not take a look at an eggplant similarly again.

Rellenong Talong
Leche Flan

And if ever you inevitably be so full after trying out these Filipino dishes and wish to exercise at that exact moment, use the out that vintage red bike off the wall for the ride. Just don\’t tell the management I said so.

Fresh fruits with whipped cream
The best of KKD STK + BBQ

KKD STK + BBQ is positioned along M.J. Cuenco corner M.C. Briones, Cebu City. For reservations, you could possibly refer to them as at (032) 318 8795 or (+63) 917 700 0499 or look at their Facebook page for promos and updates.

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