Karaksa Hotel: Kyoto with limited funds

Karaksa Hotel: Kyoto with limited funds

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Where to Stay in Kyoto: Karaksa Hotel

The Land with the Rising Sun is one of the hottest holiday destinations in Asia. In 2016, more than 24 million international tourists visited Japan, and also the Philippines is a eighth Asian country that contributed greatly for this number. As well as is the dynamic center of technology and pop culture, Japan houses 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites-and 17 which are typical packed in a single place- Kyoto.

Golden Pavilion Kyoto

About Kyoto

Also termed as a Thousand-Year Capital, Kyoto is among the most most culturally and physically preserved cities in Japan. Exceeding 400 Shinto shrines, 1,600 Buddhist temples, cherry blossoms gardens, and traditional houses, Kyoto discharges a vibe that will make you feel as if you traveled back in time. The structures here i will discuss older than those who have tried them, plus the quaint atmosphere will surely turn you into envy the locals for currently in this kind of beautiful place.

Where to go

Nijo Castle



First in-built 1603, this UNESCO World Heritage Website is essentially the most iconic landmarks during the city. The entire complex occupies 275,000 square meters. The most crucial gate is often a karamon type that proudly invites the populace to discover the castle interiors.


Japanese Food

Pontocho may be a food street that includes the most traditional dishes in Kyoto cuisine, such as the yakitori, which literally means \”burned chicken\”. The few stalls and restaurants within this street offers nearly unlimited dining options. If you ever visit from May to September, you can have the kawayuka kind of dining, where establishments establish a temporary platform where you can dine next to the river.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Another must-see is Kyoto Imperial Palace, which was in the past the state run residence with the Emperor of Japan until 1868. Walking within the palace grounds is compared to entering a scene in the movie-wide, gravel grounds, lush autumn-colored trees, plus some cherry blossoms near the Konoe Pond.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove


The entire district of Arashiyama is a tourist destination. It is like an outdoor garden that extends infinitely everywhere, with tree-covered mountains on the other hand and also a peaceful river alternatively. The picturesque Togetsukyo Bridge plus the Tenryuji Temple are usually one or two minutes\’ worth of strolling, as well as the bamboo groves could keep you company and refreshed.



Kennin-ji is considered just about the most important Zen Buddhist Temples in Kyoto. Founded in 1202, it does not take oldest temple while in the city. Into the grounds is a karesansui, or possibly a kind of Japanese rock garden that\’s gently intermingled with nature.

Shosei-en Garden

Located inside the northern section of the city is Shosei-en Garden, which happens to be regarded as built while in the Heian Period (794-1185). The full garden is breathtaking-a small bridge that overlooks a pond, traditional houses, and well-maintained vegetation.

Where to stay Kyoto

There are quite much sights to view in Kyoto; greater than the next few paragraphs can list! Therefore, it is essential to obtain the the best choice accommodation. Karaksa Hotel, a three-star leisure hotel that parallels the elegance of your entirety of Kyoto, can be your best bet.
Karaksa exudes hospitality and tradition. All the minimalist rooms are just aesthetic. These are air-conditioned, including the usual amenities, and tend to be Wi-Fi connected. One of the channels on TV is definitely the Filipino Channel (TFC), that will make you believe in the home within the heart of Kyoto. Rooms are meant tailored for travelers arriving in pairs or groups, to help you find all you need here.

Karaksa Hotel Facade Kyoto on a Budget

One of the best areas of Karaksa could it be is at conveniently near a few of the major railway stations in the area, Omiya Station. In Japan, the lowest priced and most preferred mode of transportation are trains, and being near a station offers you an incredible a look at minimizing costs and maximizing your sightseeing time.

Kyoto Hollywood Twin

Secondly, Karaksa Hotel offers rates that are relatively less costly than most hotels in Kyoto, with rooms starting at just Php 3,573 (US$ 71) a single night (via Agoda). It\’s also possible to book a living room via Go Hotels at www.gohotels.ph/gohotels-now-in-japan. For just a very limited time, these are giving away a complimentary holiday to Osaka for a few people.

The hotel group, together with Go Hotels, assists more budget-limited tourists by opening more branches in Hokkaido, Sapporo, Tokyo Ginza, Shin-Osaka, and Namba before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

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