An awesome and Refreshing Climb at Mt. Babag, Cebu

An awesome and Refreshing Climb at Mt. Babag, Cebu

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ahhh...such a breathtaking view

Refreshing Climb at Mt. Babag, Cebu

If you have followed me here or on my own personal blog, probably you already know just that that i love taking our toddler daughter to hiking and camping trips around Cebu along with outside.

Refreshing Climb at Mt. Babag

Sadly, who has taken a backseat after shifting to working online. Still, it doesn\’t imply that we\’ve been totally eliminating that sort of lifestyle. In truth, we end up needing when you consider that we are just preparing ourselves with an epic adventure.

Kid Friendly Trails en route to Mt. Babag

But, enough about that. Because the things i wanted to discuss was our recent trip to Mt. Babag, a preferred day hike here in Cebu.

taking a break by a stream

Mt. Babag, which suggests \”to block\” in Bisaya, offers just the appropriate degree of challenge for beginner hikers and those that some simple exercises. Things i really like about using this trail would it be is certainly caused by covered so that you do not have to bother about the high temperature in the sun beating documented on you.

Hiking Trails to Mt Babag
view from the trail

You can begin off of the hike as early as 5am, to get down by 9am, in addition go as late as 8am and become down in time for lunch. That already includes loads of stops en route, too.
Our company is in a position to climb Mt. Babag some times now and, this point, we brought some friends over and another toddler. Yep, two toddlers with you — awesome!

dada and the little one

The journey starts at Guadalupe Church which you could acquire a habal-habal ride to Barangay Napo for PHP 20 per person. The ride probably takes around 20 min. You also don\’t need to make use of a guide (but when you happen to be scared, offer me a shoutout and we\’ll go with you!) because trail is fairly straightforward.

refreshing trail

It\’s amazing that even though We have passed the trail about 3-4 times already, My business is still in awe at the view. The destination at the peak is marked by three huge towers which look very far away as well as intimidating.

taking a break somewhere along the trail
ahhh...such a breathtaking view

Along the trail, you may pass by a part of the river and find loads of mango trees. It had become drizzling two or three days earlier than our most up to date hike its keep also weren\’t many fruits yet to ensure the usual army of ants on to the ground weren\’t around. We had been prepared to see worms and also other invertebrates which really provided a terrific chance to learn to the two kiddos we brought along.

the trail to Babag has lots of flowers!

Halfway with the trail can be a small hut in the middle of the mountain. Sadly, the residents are not there just a few minutes upwards is another house. It is possible to ask water from them, if you wish; these are quite friendly to hikers.

unli chicken to balance things out!

About three-quarters from the trail, you\’re going to get to check out mini flower farms making you sense transported anywhere else. No more the trail is truly a private land which includes a small house and a swing having a breathtaking view.

these two obviously got very exhausted!

Going down may ultimately help you get out from the GMA Towers property and also a little further down, you can see more houses. There\’s a small rest area across a sari-sari store where we usually you should visit to have a breath. It provides one of the more beautiful views within the city down the page.

the trail to Babag has lots of flowers!

Ahhh…there we were happy to have taken that trip with friends. And, what 6 ways to end this kind of fun and refreshing hike compared to enjoying unlimited chicken and rice for supper.
Haha! Happy trails, everyone!

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