21st World Gourmet Summit Sets To make Guests to a Gastronomic Adventure in Singapore

21st World Gourmet Summit Sets To make Guests to a Gastronomic Adventure in Singapore

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21st?World Gourmet Summit Sets To get Guests into a Gastronomic Adventure in Singapore

Lovers of a good cuisines have an additional possiblity to sample exquisite dishes from March 20 to April 16, 2017 in the annual World Gourmet Summit (WGS).

Singapore Food

This year, the summit are going to be locked in Singapore. The event, that is included in the 21st edition, includes all very reputable chefs from around the globe. The theme with this year\’s summit is \”United Nations Gastronomic Assembly.\”

Chan Hong Meng\'s soya sauce chicken noodle at Chinatown Complex on July 24, 2016 in Singapore. Chan was awarded a one-star rating by Michelin on July 21, making him one of the first street food hawkers to be awarded in the guide\'s history.

It Will Feature Exquisite Gourmet From Popular Master Chefs


Mexican restaurant El Mero Mero is one of the top participants in the case which features the Mescal Degustation Masterclass. This event already was held on March 22. On March 30, the Mucho Mexico Diner will feature Chef Daniel Ovadia.

Other master chefs on the event would include Partissiere Kirkio Nakamura, Quentin Glabus, and Lewin Terrace\’s executive chef Keisuke Matsumota. A bunch of other leading chefs and restaurants will join these to showcase their master menus in many of Singapore\’s award-winning restaurants.

Gastronomic Adventure in Singapore

Notable dates include March 24 when Osto Ristorante showcases 12-year-old Christian \”Whiskey Master\” Leusdar and March 28 when Chef Nakamura and Chef Matsumota treat visitors the Pastry Master Class besides their sizzling Afternoon Tea. At dusk, guests will likely be given good Canadian Cuisine, as a result of Chef Glabus\’ Canadian Flavours at Wooloomooloo.

On March 29, world-renowned Swiss butcher Grill Ueli will give a special Culinary Masterclass.?The next day, Dutch Chef Jarno Eggen will host another Culinary Masterclass by using a sumptuous luncheon at Miele Gallery.

Wine and Dine in Singapore

Other Gastronomic Adventure in Singapore Important Dates

Here is often a rundown of other important dates it\’s not necassary to miss:

  • March 27 C With this day, the WGS Opening Reception along with the 17th Awards of Excellence Presentation Ceremony shall be held.
  • March 30 C The 4 Hands Epicurean Delights will likely be held for the Tipping Club. This can be hosted by Chefs Ryan Clift and Mitch Lienhard.
  • March 31 C Chef Jamo Eggen\’s Roguie Gourmet Delights five-course dinner might be held at Dolce Vita.
  • April 2 C CHOPE Ur Next Gourmet Attractions normally takes place on doing work in.
  • April 3 C At Artemis Grill, Chef Fernando Arevalo\’s \”CFF-AOP\” Theme Dinner will take place.
  • April 6 C The nation\’s Kidney Foundation \”Better Lives\” Charity Gala will be held.
  • April 8 to 9 C The Royal Gourmet Staycation is set to happen on these dates.

Meanwhile, other Michelin-starred establishments designed to participate include Peach Blossoms, Punjab Grill, Odette, Open Farm Community, Ding Dong, Jaan and even more.

Food Trip in Singapore

With the many top chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants supposed to be part of the summit, there\’s no doubt that Singapore is turning into a culinary hub around the world.? This past year, Michelin released Singapore Michelin Guide 2016, a guide that delivers helpful different cuisines. The guide may be a first in the East Asian region.

Gastronomic Adventure in Singapore

With many of the mouthwatering events set up for food lovers, the 21st world gourmet summit is an event don\’t be missed. More information concerning the summit can be purchased at?www.worldgourmetsummit.com?and?www.yoursingapore.com?for upcoming events and activities.

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